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Basic Requirements:

1. Individual, at least 18 years old, with full civil capacity; the minors need to be permitted by the guardians in writing.

2. With the basic ability and physical conditions of being a volunteer.

3. Comply with the constitution and regulations of Beijing Volunteers Association.

4. Beijing resident.


The related rights of volunteers:

1. Participate in the voluntary activities;

2. Receive the related training for voluntary activities;

3. Put forward advice and suggestions to the voluntary activities;

4. Application for cancelling the volunteer registration.


The related obligations of volunteers:

1. Comply with the constitution and regulations of Volunteers Association in China;

2. Fulfill the commitment and convey the concept for voluntary service;

3. Maintain the image of volunteer association and volunteers consciously;

4. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the service object consciously;

5. Boycott of the profit activities or other activities against social morality in the identity of a volunteer;

6. Complete the voluntary tasks on time;

7. Keep the privacy of the service object.


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